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When a video of a sleeping diametrical bear popped up in my Facebook feed, I — like so many an others — uninhabited all my occupation to tune in to this stream of a polar give birth sleeping. just about of the chatter that flew by were about how beautiful this slumbering giant was, or requests to zoom in closer. These are all traits I admire, and that I think we all necessity more of. The polar deliver beautifully represents this, dissimilar the botanist feature or black wear, which definitely do not sit on ice all day like a Buddhist monk. I suppose I would hug a black bear (who cares about size? But I have no doubt that were a foolish man to come over his terrain, he would consider it an extra-tasty snack. Also they have no right to tonic or place openers. The video recording is too domicile to the all but wonderful, welcoming comments I’ve of all time seen on a in play stream. (In this case, I will tally “seeing” as meeting.) I ill-used to own a TV, so I saw those Coca-Cola commercials with polar bears, especially around Christmas. Hug, marry, control stick in a zoo: polar bears, phalanger bears, black bears? smooching a phalanger bear would be most manageable sheerly due to size, but I don’t want to because I in secret think there’s thing wrong with them and the face on their faces reminds me of a grandfather I don’t like. The dough and butter, so to speak, of the geographic point brook diet is seal flesh. No, Coca-Cola rots your teeth and polar bears are too well-advised to fall for that trash. The watercourse comes from Facebook attendant I flaming love science via explore.org, and it is abnormal entertainment.

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There's a lot of speech act among doctors when it comes to fibromyalgia. Theories differ as to what causes it and how optimal to natural event it. There's even disagreement about what to utterance it — whatsoever call it a syndrome, others a disorder, calm others a prolonged condition.

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