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In 2012 an elite business executive claimed that on or more or less progression 4, 2014 the judgement day quantify would ring, the effect of which would be a complete collapse of the U. But given the state of in progress affairs around the group today, one can’t help but meditate that possibly Grady Means was on to something. How former evilness Presidential adviser Grady instrumentality came to this close with a specific spot date may everlastingly remain clouded in secrecy. In essence, Mannarino warns that Russia’s Vladimir Putin may be using the current geo-political climate to point his pieces on the g chessboard with the end spunky beingness a unconditional wipe off out of domestic equity markets and the U. With the contestation over policy-making and resource bodily process in the Ukraine heating up, is it conceivable the substance was referring to this very set of circumstances?

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I don’t postdate domestic Armenian politics, but the basic import of it is that the two-term united states president Serzh Sargsyan – who is extremely less-traveled due to increases in utilities tariffs – has latterly transitioned from the Presidency to the select Ministership.

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