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Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was hatched in national capital on 21 April 1926; she was educated privately, and assumed official duties at 16. During World War II she served in the supplementary reserves Service, and by an correction to the Regency Act she became a body politic counsellor on her eighteenth birthday. On the death of saint george VI in 1952 she succeeded to the throne while in Kenya with her husband and was crowned on 2 June 1953.

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(Extracts) As a kid not more than full than her knee, I remember climbing upstair to bed in anterior of her, dreading that locution which followed too much on downstair good-nights, 'I am all behind same the cow's tail': a execrable joke which unbroken one insomniac for hours doing sums on the knots of the counterpane to prove that she could live on for years and years and was not very so one and the same old. She was then, in fact, of her life were exhausted 'tween the story building and the basement kitchen, uncut downstairs play the fire, sitting upstairs at the discoidal table; in cooking, washing, sewing; in planning for us itty-bitty treats and great careers; fix clothes and family quarrels; in an long encyclopedism of new tasks and the making of little jests - a existence of gay and monotonous and unfractured toil. To us as children she was as fast a part of the universe as the bath (cruelly cold in winter) into which she plunged us all morning, and the stars to which she acerate through the overflowing window, denotive some of them, in the evening sky. ' between the spanks; but for all that, she was not a grown-up person.

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Charlotte Mew Chronology with mental, historical and geographical connections linking with her own words, and listing her essays, stories, poems and friends.

I believe we should be cautious about inferring her life from her writing. Even the most biographic of her essays could, in theory, be exhaustive fiction; and style has a structure and easygoing of its own, unconstrained by any sex to the existence that generated it. One of the reasons for constructing a life and works of Charlotte Mew in this inter-linked web form, is to allow any theory about the copulation of her written communication to her being to be tested against opposite sources of information.

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