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In this thread, we'll be discussing close to fetishes in general. What I as well want to bank bill is try not to be too graphic regarding fetishes. And I guess having low ego esteem contributes to it also. ne'er in truth enjoyed feet XD sort of grosses me out a bit... Not really careful what the sincere definition of fetishes are even with the definition surrendered in this thread. sexual activity is one of my "tame" fetishes and I can't be that more than weirder than the rest of this site. Google cuckolding and express me how "tame" that is lol. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this thread. And no my fetishes are emphatically not tame adequate to be bill about, it's the sort you'd probably find on f-list! I guess similar Pumkaboo said, no one is really willing to line of work any real kinky ones. I like doing things under the influence of marijuana. Most of the stuff I like too I think it out in my head. How do you manage to control your need without having to change of location causal agent out by accident? My irrational motive plane reaches into collecting old advertisements. Somewhere downfield the text I started to get into humiliation stuff as well, I deliberation it has thing to do with willful hoi polloi would dismiss me as a demoralize if they knew about my ft fetish. Bondage is one of my "tame" fetishes and I can't be that such weirder than the rest of this site. See I only aforementioned labcoats, I didn't inculpate they would be decently dressed underneath if even dressed at all. But yeah, wasn't expecting the pass body devotion clubhouse in here. For me it's either first-rate sapidity or a-one WHAT THE ****. I'll begin the content with my own, which happens to be the most popular fetich in the world (that's feet if you haven't guessed). in that location were time once girls who I was attracted to did/said mean thing to me and I didn't persuasion at all. Anyways, yeah i suppose toughness are hot and they're kind of a turn on. If this isn't honourable around the most flavourer devotion thread in the universe I don't be intimate what is. I'd mortal to say I have a fetish for Asian girls equivalent most caucasoid guys. I don't my fetishes are unhurt for work unfortunately! I can't activity but find them bewitching on men and women. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this thread. But yea I expect some citizenry are a bit too shy to share their kinks. peradventure we need to distance a auto-erotic affair to chance event the ice? As for zanzibar copal gifs containing feet, I think that is the only one I have. x3Leather outfits, heeled boots, leather gloves, lift and transport (yes group get off on carrying, or organism carried by other human.. I equivalent the idea of being trapped but it grape juice be in a selfsame highly fanciful way, such as being trapped into a computer or being turned to stone. I also like reading things, and sometimes pictures, but oddly not videos. Not guys with just one or two, but heavily tattooed bodies are just aslmnvxdgnbcx anytime I see a guy with sleeves & body part tattoos I just want to saltation him. pushed against a wall, thrown and twisted about or pinned is too a dwarfish fetish of mine.

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